Mad Minute each day

Finish textbook exercises sec 1.3 (notes packet)

There is a combo Canvas>MOM sec 1.3 and 1.4 exercise set. That will be due by next Monday.



In Class

Learning Target: We will be able to evaluate a function that depends on the result of another function using graphs and tables (Working with composition of functions)


Finishing the book work

PS 1 due Friday

Any Canvas work



PS 1 is due today at the start of class.

In class

Mad minute factoring/foil

Workday for finishing Section 1.4 + Canvas: MOM sec 1.3-1.4


Any work that you are behind on

Take the Mid Chapter (Sec 1.1 through 1.4) quiz out at Canvas. This is on the honor system that you are going to complete it by yourself without any electronic aides (PhotoMath etc). This is due by next Thursday 10/3 at the end of the day. No class time to work on it.

I’ll give you PS 2, but it won’t be due until Friday 10/11.




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