Learning Target: I can estimate summary statistics from grouped data.


Spreadsheet <Link>


Anything that you do not have finished from previous weeks


In Class

Learning Target: We will be able to describe Normal Models using the 68-95-99.7 rule.

Make sure to get this into your notes


In Class:

Practice with these skills.

Here is a video <link> for what we did in class with the David Lane Normal Applet (See below)

We will complete p 132 #25 and #29 (68-95-99.7 Rule)

p 136 # 39 – 46 all using the applet <link>. Each needs a sketch of a Normal Curve + the area we want to find.

You do not have to mark all of the 68-95-99.7 cut offs on it. If you would rather use a graphing calculator <link>

Online practice quiz


Anything that you do not have completed.


Learning Target: I can use the Empirical Rule and Q-Q plots to determine if a set of data comes from a Normal distribution?





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