In class

Questions about Section 1.5 Transformations. Get the paper exercises completed.  My sec 1-5 key PDF


Paper slide video requirement. See Canvas. Due Friday 10/18. This is a Summative grade.

Get any missing work completed.


In class:

Learning Target: I can find and evaluate the inverse of a function defined by a graph, equation, table and English.

Notes p 44-45

Complete the paper exercises 46-47 My answers \

Optional : Complete the Canvas: MOM- Section 1.5 -1.6 exercise set. Let me know if you wanted it counted.


This work + Paper Slide Video.


In Class

Finish this work


This work + Paper Slide Video

Practice Test in blue packet p 48-50 Chap1 Practice Test Key

We are testing out of this chapter on Friday 10/11. If you are going to be gone because of the long weekend, get it done before you leave.

There is also a mostly multiple-choice test available in Canvas. This is required.

Week 8 will be a prep for test week.

Notice the in-class test and the paper slide video are due on the same day. Plan ahead.