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In Class: Learning Target: I can list features of a bank’s checking accounts that are good to look for when choosing a bank.

Canvas>Personal Finance> Savings: Growing Wealth> Finding a Bank to Grow with

Started 10/3 . Document is due by the end of class 10/7. Submitted through Canvas.


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Learning Target:  I can work with simple Interest calculations.



In Canvas, You will find a short (5 questions) quiz. This is assumed to be open note, but not open neighbor. This is due by classtime Friday 10/11. It covers finding simple interest and account balances. You can have unlimited chances to complete this, but it goes in as missing after class time on Friday if you have not passed it at the 80% level. If you think you are doing the work correctly, turn in your set-ups

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In Class

Learning target: We will understand and be able to calculate using a formula and an app how making regular deposits into an account takes advantage of Compound Interest.

HO compound-interest

Then using this applet <link>


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Canvas Quiz

Read this short article <link> about Investing and Growing Wealth.

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Learning Target: I can explain the difference between Investing and Saving

What is the Stock Market?


Graded work: Can you beat the Stock Market <link>


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Canvas Quiz


Same Learning Target

Our Stock Market Simulation.

There is a Stock Market Simulation set up here <link>. Sign in with your Oxbow Gmail account and see the whiteboard for the password.

Get all $100K invested.

You may also use any remaining time to complete missing work.

Have a nice three day weekend. Fourteen (14) days remain in the marking period.