In class

More practice with Learning Target: I can determine if a relationship is a function and describe its domain and range

Some paper practice/review

Graded work: Canvas>Unit 2>Domain and range: Fall 2019. This is due by class-time Tuesday. You can complete it after that deadline, but I’ll mark it as missing until you complete it.


The Canvas assignment

Last week’s test if you have not finished


In class

Learning Target: I can determine if  a function  is linear.

Notebook work and practice

For more practice, we will work on this <link>


Anything you have not finished

PS 4 due Thursday 10/24


In class

Summary Review:

Is it a function given a table/graph/equation.

Evaluating functions given a table/graph/equation.

Is a function linear: given a table/graph/equation.

Handout, with answers STAD


PS 4 is due

Review for test

There is an optional online test in Canvas. Try it, if you want it to count, let me know. The more assessments you complete, the more accurate your grade will be. This is not eligible for STAD points.


Optional PS to rep[lace a missing problem set or to replace a low problem set grade. Due Thursday 11/1


In class

Paper and pencil test on

Learning Targets:


Optional Problem Set if you desire to complete it.