In class

Learning Target: I can calculate payments, total interest paid and calculate the total cost of  three type of loans: Student Loans, Automobile Loans, Home Mortgage.

Using: Loan Calculator <link>


This work

Canvas Simple Interest Quiz + Compound Interest Quiz . Due by Friday 10/25

Any missing work? This is due by Wednesday 10/30.


In Class:

Learning target: We will be able to create a spreadsheet to create an amortization table to show the payoff progression of a loan

Here is a copy of the model spreadsheet that you can make a copy <link>

File>Make a Copy

Rename it

your_Name_ Amortization Table

Share it by click on the share button

Copy the share link

Submit your link in Canvas>Loans>Amortization Table assignment


Anything that you do not have completed


In Class

Learning Target: I understand what a Credit Report shows and what a FICO score does for us as borrowers.

We will look at one of my credit reports from 2018

and then a video about Credit Scores:

Graded work: Work with no more than 1 other person to complete this research around credit scores <link> Submit it thru Canvas, or print it and turn in a paper copy. You need to have both of your names on the document.


Anything not finished

Thursday – Wednesday 10/30

Buy a car project. This is detailed in Canvas.


Anything not finished.