Continued from Friday

In class:

Learning Target: We will be able to solve absolute value equations and inequalities graphically and algebraically.

Lippman p 153-154 1-25 odds

Optional MOM Section 2.5 (See Canvas)


This work

Anything you have not completed.

Optional Quiz on Chapter 2 work in Canvas.

There will be an optional paper based quiz available during Callback or after school this week. let me know if you want to try it.

I’ll test you again during Week 11 (Probably Wednesday 11/6 or Thursday 11/7) and it will include some chapter 3 material.

I have a Faculty meeting tonight and won’t be available until 3:30.



Learning Targets:

We’ll do some notes in class

Then do the Section 3.1 exercises in the Notebook packet. (page 6) These are due by Thursday classtime.

There is also a Canvas MOM Section 3.1 exercise set if you want it included in your grade.


This work

The optional Chapter 2 quizzes.


In class:

In Class

HO + Notes

Section 3.2 exercises out of the notes packet (pagesĀ  14-19)


This week’s work

Next Monday/Tuesday will be prep for a quiz. See Notebook Practice quiz and the answers <link>