Monday/Wednesday Tuesday was a snow day, happy June 10th

15 minutes to work on  Skill PKT

One last short video to keep you thinking about credit card debt

· Learning Target: We will be able to explain and apply vocabulary around Automobile insurance

Get the ideas flowing <link>

We will watch this video to understand types of automobile insurance

Then you will use this study stack to show me you understand these terms. <link> Take the test to demonstrate your mastery (90% level). Show me.


In Class

· Skill Packet Time: 15 minutes

· Learning target We will be able to calculate costs associated with Auto Insurance Claims

· HO Automobile problems

Friday/Monday 11/18


Skill packet work time (15 minutes each day)

Graded Work: Creating your own set of automobile questions word problems.

You need to submit 5 scenarios + answers.

This work is all due on Tuesday 11/19.

Here is the < link > to the Google Form. You need to copy and paste each scenario and answer response .