Monday 11/18

In Class

Finish our work from Friday:

Learning Target: I can generate all other representations of a linear function when given one representation.



Time to work on Canvas>MOM Slope work from last week.


Anything that you do not have completed.

Working on Canvas>MOM Slope assignment

Tuesday 11/19 Wednesday 11/20 and Thursday 11/21

A continuation of yesterday’s learning target but more algebraic manipulation:

A a short handout and then:

In Canvas, complete the MOM : I can work with all three forms of a linear equation.

I have a 24 question online assignment available in Canvas. You can print the assignment and work on paper rather than online, but you do need to submit your answers online.

I’ll allow three workdays Today,  Tomorrow and Thursday to work on this in class. The rest of it will need to be completed on your own time. This is due before you leave for break next Tuesday. If you are leaving early, you have some HW to do or you’ll have catch up to do when you return.

Note I am out of school on Thursday.


Updated for Thursday 11/21


You can either :

Continue to work on the exercises your started in Canvas Yesterday

You can complete the paper exercises. Here are my answers <HO Key-Writing all three forms of the equation of a line>

You can complete the online version of the paper exercises out at KutaWorks <link>


This work

Friday 11/22

Finishing up this work.


Monday 11/25 and /Tuesday 11/26

We will work on a review by completing a card sort.

Then for the remainder of this class and next Monday / Tuesday you will be working on your own card sort. See this if you lose the one I gave you in class Directions for making a Scoop Sheet and Triples Cards