In class:

Learning target: I can graph a rational function given an equation.

If you are not in class:

For Practice complete Notes pages 49-53 Here are my answers Chapter 3 Sec 3-7 Exercises Key p 48-53

There is also a MOM sec 3.7 available in Canvas if you want the practice. Let me know if you want it counted towards your grade.

Tuesday 11/19 through Monday 11/25

Get this work completed + anything else not completed in your Pink Chapter 3 packet.

To Prep for the in class pencil and paper exam on Tuesday 11/26:

Canvas> MOM>Chapter 3 Review: Try them all, earn a 70% earn 5 bonus points on the test on Friday

·         Paper Review for Chapter 3 <link> My  <Paper Review Key>

There is also an online test in Canvas that you need to complete by the time you take the test next Tuesday.

Tuesday 11/26:

In Class

Chapter 3 paper test. You may bring a dbl sided 8.5 by 11 sheet of notes.

The test is timed. You only have class time to complete it. It is short.

Note: I am not in school Thursday 11/21