You did watch the video, right?

In Class:

Learning Target: We will be able to write an exponential function to represent a graph.

Due Monday: We will complete the section 4.2 exercises in the packet. Here are the answers: 4-2 answers


Today’s work.

Canvas> MOM Section 4.2 if you desire the grade.

PS 4 is due Thursday at the start of class and loses points if you turn it in after the start of class.

Any make up work?

Get some practice graphing rational functions if you have not passed the one question proficiency test yet. I am marking this as missing on Friday.

For Wednesday’s class. Watch this video. Take notes in the Sec 4.3 packet

This should be review

Wednesday – Friday

In Class:

You did watch the video for Section 4.3.

Working on the exercises for Section 4.3 in the purple packet My lipp 4-3 answers

This should be review so we should be able to progress through fairly quickly.


This work from today

Watch and take notes for Section 4.4

You can jump right into section 4.4 if you desire. Here is the video for the Notes Packet:

I am expecting you to be ready foo Section 4.5 when we return from break, this means all previous work is completed. If you work consistently this week, you should have no HW for me over break. Come see me for help.

There is a single Canvas>MOM assignment available for sections 4.3 and 4.4. If you get the paper exercises completed, you can work on that.