Skill Packet time (15 min each day)

Research and prepare your Last Wishes (see last Week) Submit the share link to your Google Slide show in Canvas.

What else do you want to learn about? Add to this document <link> If nothing gets added, I’ll have you complete a plan a trip assignment and complete summary assessment tasks and prepare for an exam.


Skill Packet due Friday

Plan a trip assignment.

Your destination needs to be far enough away that you need to be able to fly or take a train with multiple segments. You cannot drive.

Compare two flights or two modes of transportation.

You need to include at least 1/2 of your nights in a hotel or use AirBnB. You may couch surf the remaining nights.

Include meals/gifts/souvenir costs

Create a google slides document (10 slides) and share it via Canvas (Modules>End of Course Work>Plan a Trip. If you desire you may do a stand up presentation to share your trip for extra points. 100 points.

Here is my example (not finished as of Monday) <link>