I am not here for you today. Complete the Pizazz handouts. You must include a sheet of work for the Substitution page. You need to turn in one of the two assignments by the end of class.

The other is HW due Wednesday

Don’t forget about the new Problem Set which is due Thursday 12/19


Updated 12/17


In Class:

Because so few of you completed yesterday’s work, you have another day to get it done. (With a point penalty on the solving systems by graphing WKST)



Learning Target: I can solve a system of equations using elimination


The test for this unit will consist of three short proficiency tests:

After Friday 1/3 , these three assignments will be marked as missing in IC. They become zeroes on Friday 1/17

You may try these tests as many times as you need to pass them.

Between each attempt you must do some practice and show me evidence of this practice.

I am available Callback (M/T/Th), Period 4 on Fridays and Wednesday/Thursday/Friday after school

Thursday 1/2 and Friday 1/3 will be dedicated to review and giving you an opportunity to complete these proficiency tests.

On Monday 1/6 we continue learning new material but you can still work on these proficiency tests outside of class.


Friday: No class due to Holiday Show