Monday – Wednesday

No School


In preparation for next week:

Comparing Mobile payment systems


Finish the plan a trip assignment from before break. This due by the end of class Friday.

Submit the link to your slide show through Canvas

Plan a trip assignment.

Your destination needs to be far enough away that you need to be able to fly or take a train with multiple segments. You cannot drive.

Compare two flights or two modes of transportation.

You need to include at least 1/2 of your nights in a hotel or use AirBnB. You may couch surf the remaining nights.

Include meals/gifts/souvenir costs

Travel Insurance? <Link>

Create a google slides document (10 slides) and share it via Canvas (Modules>End of Course Work>Plan a Trip. If you desire you may do a stand up presentation to share your trip for extra points.

Here is my example (not finished as of Monday) <link>


Due Monday: Every time you co into a business/store/online store, see if they accept mobile payments from your phone Apple Pay/Google Pay/ Samsung Pay /Other?