The test for this unit will consist of three short proficiency tests:

After Friday 1/3 , these three assignments will be marked as missing in IC. They become zeroes on Friday 1/17

You may try these tests as many times as you need to pass them.

Between each attempt you must do some practice and show me evidence of this practice.

I am available Callback (M/T/Th), Period 4 on Fridays and Wednesday/Thursday/Friday after school

Thursday 1/2 and Friday 1/3 will be dedicated to review and giving you an opportunity to complete these proficiency tests.

I have optional review problems available to you out at kutaworks <link>. Let me know when you complete it if you want the grade included.

On Monday 1/6 we continue learning new material but you can still work on these proficiency tests outside of class.


Problem Set 7: due Thursday 1/9 at the start of class.