In Class:

Mobile Payment Check in

Completing a 1040 Income Tax Return where part of your income is from self employment.

Lottery exploration <link> Due Tuesday @ the end of class


All missing work is due by Wednesday 1/15

Tuesday – Friday 1/17

In Class:

Learning target assessment: I can complete a 140 tax return

These need to be complete and correct. You may retest but you need to meet with me between attempts.

Just complete a basic one: Worth 35/ 50

Complete one that includes a W-2 and a 1099 Int form  Worth 40/50

Complete one with a W-2, a 1099 int and a 1099-Misc form with Schedule C, Self Employment tax, Schedule 1 worth 50/50 points.

Time to Work  on Summary Assessment

Student Created Kahoots

Use this google form <link> to submit  links to your Kahoots

Sutdent Created Jeopardy game <link>