In Class:

Work day

Notebook page 4a-5b.

Canvas>Chapter 5>Week 22> MOM Angles (optional, but recommended)


This work

PS 1

Watch this video for Tuesday. Take notes on the notebook pages 6 – 9


In class

Warm up activity: Finding and marking angles of rotation on a circle

Learning Targets:

Work day for Section 5.2

Here is my work for the notebook exercises <PDF Link>

There is an optional MOM exercise set in Canvas.

PS 1 is Due on Wednesday at the start of class.


PS 2. Due 2/5

Today’s work

Quiz in Canvas on Chapter 5 work we have done so far. This is due by class time on Monday 2/3

For Thursday, watch this video and complete the notes on pages 15 – 17



In Class


Learning target: We will be able to evaluate sine and cosine using points on a circle.

Working on pages 18 -20 in Note packet Here is my sec5-3 key

Working on MOM assignment in canvas Sec 5-3


PS 2

Anything you do not have finished.

I’ll spot check Sec 5-3 paper exercises on Monday or that you have MOM Sec 5-3 completed.

For Monday: watch this video and take notes on page