Learning target: I can find the reciprocal trig function ratios

If you are not in class here is a video:

Take notes on page 21

Graded work Get p 22 completed. Here are my answers


Quiz Sec 5.1 – 5.3 new due date Wednesday.

PS 3


In class: Work day complete either p 22 or Canvas>Chapter 5> MOM Sec 5-4 No identities or both.

Once you are done, you can work on the quiz, Problem Set or other course work.



PS 3


Learning target: I can  simplify trig expressions/verify trig identities

HO (Actually this pp 365-366 in Lippman / Rasmussen Ed 1.5)

Some videos that may help you <Link>

Get this work done. If you are finished and want the next piece of this assignment, let me know.

If you are decorating and not finished with this, you have something to do over break.


No Class: Winter Carnival:See you at Balloon Shaving?

Have a good break.