In Class

Learning Target: I can conduct an ANOVA test to see if there is any difference between the means of three or more populations.

We will watch these 3 videos and complete the notes.anova notes



Quiz if you are not finished.


Learning Target: I know when to conduct a post hoc test and am able to interpret the results.

Paper Based exercises and using Stat Crunch to run these tests.

Data and Story Library <link>

and on the Statistic Resources page <link>


Quiz + this work if you are not finished.


Workday on MathXL One-Way ANOVA

If you are missing class because you are decorating, you have some work to do over break.


This work + quiz


No  class: Winter Carnival: See you at Balloon Shaving?

Have a great break, your last Winter break in your k-12 experience!