PS 2 Due at the start of class

In Class:

Learning Target: I can write an equation to represent exponential growth and decay

Notes and some practice

My answers to the practice <link>


The Canvas MOM work and Quiz if you did not complete them

No time for a problem set this week.


I am available during CB 2



Unit Review- In Canvas. Complete your work on paper so you have to refer to when you complete the quiz.

Canvas Quiz

A project based assessment of this unit’s work

The World Population Project HO in class

World Population Data Sheet <link>

Due by the end of class Tuesday 2/25.


Canvas Quiz on Exponential Models

World population project.

I am available for CB2 and after school


Workdays to get this work completed.

It gets marked as missing in IC after Thursday’s class.

I am available

Wednesday: After School

Thursday CB 2 and after school.


No Class Winter Carnival. See you at Balloon Shaving?

Have a good break.

Twenty -four (24) school days until the end of the marking period.