Learning Target: I can explain the difference between Investing and Saving

What is the Stock Market?


Graded work: Can you beat the Stock Market <link>


Any missing work?

Canvas Quiz

Tuesday: Town Meeting Day: No School


Same Learning Target

Our Stock Market Simulation.

Get all $100K invested.

You may also use any remaining time to complete missing work.


In class:

Learning Target: I can calculate payments, total interest paid and calculate the total cost of  three type of loans: Student Loans, Automobile Loans, Home Mortgage.

·         Discussion/Handout <PDF>

Loan Calculator <link> You may also want to use the graphing calculator app or download a loan app for your phone.


Anything you do not have done.


In Class

Learning Target: I understand what a Credit Report shows and what a FICO score does for us as borrowers.

We will look at one of my credit reports from 2019

and then a video about Credit Scores:

Graded work: Work with no more than 2 other people to complete this research around credit scores <link>

Fourteen (14) days remain in the marking period.