Review Kahoot

Get your notebook put together if you want a grade. It is due at the start of class on Wednesday

Have you  not completed any MOM exercise sets that you want a grade for? They go offline Tuesday night at midnight.

There is a MOM Chapter practice that you can cpmplete for a grade.

If you want to work on the online chapter 5 test part 1 before Wednesday, you need to complete the online OM Chapter practice.

I’ll remove that lock Wednesday morning.


Study/Practice/Make a sheet of notes. You can bring in my  hand-written notes sheet, the Trig Identity sheet, the completed unit circle.

The in class test will have those 5 problems we identified on Friday.


No school, Town Meeting Day


Notebooks due if you want a grade. I want to get them graded while you are taking the test.

A 5 question Chapter 5 test part 2.’

If you finish, you can start working on the online part of the test.


Canvas>Modules>Chapter 5>End of Chapter 5 Part 1 Due by Friday @ the end of the day.


In class:

Learning target


We will complete this activity <link> Make sure to sign in using Google for points.



Online Chapter 5 test

Doing review for Paper test retake. See Canvas.


In Class:

Learning Target:

We will be able to identify the amplitude, the period, any phase shifts and vertical translations for sine and cosine graphs. 

We will be able to write a sinusoidal function to represent a graph.

Working on Notes pp 2d – page 4 Here is the chapter 6-1 Key

If you would rather watch a video rather than take notes in class: