I really would like you folks to still make progress learning. If we can get through this material by the time we return on April 6th, that would be great. As always, I am here to help. Please use me.

You can always send me emailed questions.

You can also get live online help using ZOOM (Go visit https://zoom.us/test  one time just make sure that your device is set up to use ZOOM)

Book a time with me using this google calendar. <link> You’ll need to be signed into your Oxbow gmail account to access it. I have this same information in Canvas.

Be safe. You are living in a historic moment.


Late start so no class.


Do you owe anything?

The Canvas>Section 6-1 and 6-2 quiz.


In Class:

Learning Target: We will be able to evaluate inverse trig expressions.

Working on Notes packet pp 15 -18. Here is my  Sec 6-3 Key


Today’s exercises

The Canvas>Section 6-1 and 6-2 quiz.

There is a MOM Section 6-3 exercise set in Canvas.


In Class:

Workday. Git it done.

HW: See yesterday


In class:

Learning Target: We will be able to solve trigonometric equations

Working on the exercises on in the Notes packet pp 27 – 29. Here is My Key Sec 6-4

There is also a MOM assignment Section 6.4 + 7.1 (more trig equations, you will just need the identity sheet)


This work.


No school for you.