In Class:

The only expectation I have for you over the next 15 school days is to try to get the Skill Packet 1 attempted/completed.

If you are in class, I’ll get you a paper copy. If not, then I’ll have a PDF version available here once a copier becomes available.

What is below is something we will do when we return to school. If we are out for an extended time beyond April 6th, then we will revisit what we will do.

You can always send me emailed questions.

You can also get live online help using ZOOM (Go visit  one time just make sure that your device is set up to use ZOOM)

Book a time with me using this google calendar. <link> You’ll need to be signed into your Oxbow gmail account to access it. I have this same information in Canvas.

Be safe. You are living in a historic moment.


Learning target: We will be able to create a spreadsheet to create an amortization table to show the payoff progression of a loan

Here is a copy of the model spreadsheet that you can make a copy <link>

File>Make a Copy

Rename it

your_Name_ Amortization Table

Share it by click on the share button

Copy the share link

Submit your link in Canvas>Loans>Amortization Table assignment


Anything that you do not have completed


Skill Packet work time 15 minutes each day

Buy a car project. This is detailed in Canvas.


Anything not finished.


No school for you