If you have not yet completed MOM Section 6.3,

This is required for a grade now. I have no other way to measure your progress.


get that done during the next couple of days. Get some help http://bit.ly/2QPPBqD if you need it . It is a crucial section.

Then from last week:
If you need help with section 6.3, watch this video about section 6.3 (The first 16 minutes. Stop when I start talking about derivatives. That is next year) and complete the next set of notes in the Notes packet (pp 12-14).


In class:

Learning Target: We will be able to solve trigonometric equations

watch this video and complete the notes on pp 20 -26



Working on the exercises on in the Notes packet pp 27 – 29. Here is My Key Sec 6-4

There is also a MOM assignment Section 6.4 + 7.1 (more trig equations, you will just need the identity sheet) This is required for a grade now.


If you can get all of this work completed, this week, You have done your job.