I also have all of this in Canvas>Modules>Week 29 ending 3-27


Log into Canvas.
Click on Modules>Week 29 ending 3/27
Copy the notes into the first couple of salmon colored pages we glued in last week
Try the first practice problems
Complete the Kahoot
Log into Canvas
Watch the video about adding and subtracting polynomials, complete the notes
Try the White review sheet with Naming Polynomials and Adding/Subtracting them
You can also try the optional MOM adding and subtracting polynomials. If you want it as a grade in IC, let me know.
On Friday we will do some kind of assessment. Still thinking about what it will look like.

My Thursday 3-26 email:

I think I am going to stop sending these daily emails and instead try creating a video and having this in Canvas. Oxbow Admin says you are being inundated with email.


A number of you were getting kicked off the Kahoot before you were able to finish.
I just created a new “Challenge”. For some reason it is telling me when I test it that I need to play this on my phone and I need the KaHoot APP. Is that going to be a problem for anyone? Let me know.
It would be great if by the end of the week you can successfully complete this Naming Polynomials Kahoot and reply to the “Type of Quiz” survey that I have available in Canvas>Week 29.
Take the notes for Adding Subtracting Polynomials in your notebook on the corresponding pages. If you want to, try some of the Adding / Subtracting polynomials on the white worksheet.
I want to to complete, for a grade the MOM Adding and Subtracting Polynomials so I have something measurable.
Remember that I am available for live help
I’ll create the quiz (Naming Polynomials and Adding/Subtracting Polynomials) over the weekend and make that available for Monday
Then we can work on multiplying Polynomials.
If we can get all of this finished and take a Quiz by the time we are back in school on April 15th) if that really happens, We will be right where we need to be.


In Canvas, please complete this by the end of the day: Also see the Friday Video