Old work that you should be about done with:

Learning Target: We will be able to solve trigonometric equations

watch this video and complete the notes on pp 20 -26



Working on the exercises on in the Notes packet pp 27 – 29. Here is My Key Sec 6-4

There is also a MOM assignment Section 6.4 + 7.1 (more trig equations, you will just need the identity sheet) This is required for a grade now.


Once you complete this work,


New Work, the last section in Chapter 6

Watch this video and take notes on pp 30 – 31


Learning Target: We will be able to solve cyclic application problems using trigonometry (AKA Better Modeling Through Trig)

Completing Notes packet pp 32 – 34 Here is my solutions sheet <link>

There is also a Canvas>MOM exercise set if you want to complete it.

You may want to be “wow”ed by this tide video


Getting this work completed

Start working on the Practice test in the packet. Here are my answers <chapter 6 Practice Test Key>


I want to test you folks out of Chapter 6 during the Week of April 6th.