Updated 4/12: (I copied this from Canvas)

What to do during the Week of 4/13

If you are bailing on the Running Start Course (You should have completed a WMCC Withdrawal Form . Talk to me if you did not. There is a consequence for missing the April 10th deadline)

See this


Running Start Up to date (Done with Exam Chapter 6):



Then a video:


The SU is having us determine what to do for the rest of the year. You have two ways to go in this course:

Your Oxbow Precalculus Grade is separate and could be a different grade than the WMCC grade, depending on what you do. How Oxbow grades are going to be calculated is still being determined as of Saturday 4/4.

If you still want to complete the White Mountain CC Running Start Precalculus Course  see this schedule <link>

If you want to drop the WMCC Running Start course, you need to see this schedule <link> If you want to go this route, email me ASAP and  cc a parent so they are aware. The deadline for this decision is no later than Thursday 4/9 as we need to let WMCC know and complete a Course Drop form. (Please do not wait that long)

Regardless of what you do about WMCC, your Oxbow grade is not affected. You will have less work to do. See above.

If you drop the WMCC Running Start Course

I am going to move all syllabus into Canvas, just so we have a log in stamp of when you are accessing materials. As of Saturday morning 4/4, the SU and Oxbow Admin has not informed us what counts as Present, but I suspect log ins will be part of it.