This week we (teachers) are supposed to identify 3 – 5 big ideas for each of our courses and develop online assignments and assessments that measure how well you meet those ideas.
We are supposed to have this up and running for Monday April 13th.
Anything that I have assigned since school closed is part of what you will have to complete by June. Anything you get done now will not have to be done later.
We will find out today how the grading is going to happen for Qtr 3 and Qtr 4
The Vermont Agency of Education has directed the Supervisory Union to follow the School Calendar, so we will have a break during April 20th through April 24
So if you are all caught up, take a break. If you have not done much since school closed, get a couple of assignments done this week so you do not have so much to do later.
I  am here for help. Do you know where to book some time with me? If you want to get some math help with someone you are working with, let me know so I can send the ZOOM meeting invite to that person also.
I am going to move these Weekly Syllabus into Canvas so we have a log in record.
Here is a google doc of what I have tentatively planned. Note the optional opportunities at the end.
Continuation of Learning Plan <link>