You should be writing your final project results in paper form. Remember that I am using this checklist to grade it:

Award points based on the truthfulness of the following statements. Possible
I know the purpose of this study. 5
I understand how they defined the population the way that they did, and it
made sense.
They explained that their sample(s) were chosen appropriately and in an
unbiased and fair process (and they were right).(Sample size calculation
is present)
The data was presented graphically and effectively. 20
They explained the how and why they picked the appropriate test(s) for
their situation (and they were right).
Their test result(s) agreed with their conclusion. 5
Any problems and issues in data collection and/or interpretation were
identified and their relevance explained.
The paper is well presented and organized. 10
The Statistical analysis and calculations are correct and appropriate. 10
Total 100


There is also the practice exam and the Final exam to also finish for RS credit.

All work is due for Seniors on 6/5