August 30th to September 3rdMonday


  • Watch the following video and take <Notes>

    You need to have these video/notes completed for Wednesday’s class.


In Class

  • Graded Warm-up Factoring, Graphing Piece-wise Defined functions.

Precalculus Review

Learning Target: We can find Values of trig ratios given a point on a circle

  • Make sure you know how to find the values for the six trig ratios given a point on a circle

Learning Target: We can graph a piece wise defined function consisting of lines, parabola and an absolute value function.



  • Finish watching the video and Take notes
  • Start Chapter HW Section 2.1 (Optional)


Review from yesterday

Learning Intention: You will be able to evaluate limits using the Rule of 4.

  • Workday: Getting FDWK Section 2.1. Due for Tuesday 9/7


In Class: Our First “Fun Free Friday”

Then a Workday: Getting FDWK Section 2.1 finished.

Due for Tuesday 9/7

HW:Finish Section 2.1 Bookwork due Tuesday 9/7