Split yourselves into groups of 2 or 3.

As a group, complete the 4 practice problem sheets. You need to have the work for each exercise.

Due by the end of class on Wednesday


Timed (20 min) 4 question quiz. It will look like this <link>

After the Quiz

Learning Target: I can work with linear functions

This is a very quick review of writing equations of linear functions.

Graded work: You will either complete the MOM Working with Linear functions assignment or complete the textbook exercises:

p 109: Ex 33-43 odds. You need to write the answer in all trhee forms, pt-slope/slope-intercept/std form

p 122 – 124

1 – 6 all

7-21 odds

29 – 45 odds

Again make sure that you know how to rewrite these answers into the three forms (it does not make much sense to do this with horizontal and vertical lines)


Work day, get them done.