Learning Target:

Notes and HO AP Seq and Series

Required Graded Work:

Canvas:MOM Arithmetic Sequences : Due Monday 9/27 @ 2:30


Work days

You should have last week’s work

The 50 point Forms of linear function work

This week’s work

MOM Arithmetic Sequences

Fall Quiz 1 on Linear functions and Arithmetic Sequences and series.

All completed by Monday 9/27


In class:

Learning Target: We will be able to solve absolute value equations and inequalities graphically and algebraically.

You have to do one of these two assignments. I don’t care if you do the paper or the MOM. YOu can do both if you desire for an extra assignment (makes a low formative¬† grade worth less)

Lippman p 153-154 1-25 odds

Optional MOM Section 2.5 (See Canvas)


This week’s work


On Friday Chrissy Grant from WMCC will be ZOOMing with us about Running Start for a little bit.