In class:

Learning Target: We will be able to solve absolute value equations and inequalities graphically and algebraically.

Work Day

Lippman p 153-154 1-25 odds

Optional MOM Section 2.5 (See Canvas)


The 50 point Forms of linear function work (Due today)

MOM Arithmetic Sequences

Fall Quiz 1 on Linear functions and Arithmetic Sequences and series.

MOM Sec 2.5 (ABS graphs/equations/inequalities


In class:

Learning Targets:

In case you are absent, here is a video for the Notes packet p 1-4 link

Book work Section 3.1 Notes pkt p 6

You can find the answers here <PDF>

There is also a MOM Section 3.1 in Canvas


Try to have those p 6 exercises completed. We will be looking at the next section in class.


In Class

Learning targets:

We will do what we can during class. If we can’t get through it all, finish the notes with this video

Complete Notes Packet p 14, 17 and 19. Here are the answers

Work on the MOM Sec 3.2 exercise set.