See below for this week’s HW


In class

We will watch this video

Correlation <link  (Links to an external site.)>

·         Learning Target We will be able to use correlation as a measure of linearity.

·         Guessing Correlation Web Site <link >

Graded: Screen capture your results after 5 rounds (20 graphs) and post them in in the discussion forum. This is your attendance and graded work for the day.


In class

Learning Target: Correlation does NOT imply causation

Graded Work


Work days to complete work

No school for you on Friday


Practice Exam

Claiming one of these questions and making a post explaining your work and answer will earn you 5 bonus points on  Exam 1 if you make your post by Wednesday night October 6th  at Midnight.

You also must complete this before you open the exams in order to earn credit. I can see the time stamp.

If you want to skip this opportunity or have made your post in the practice exam forum, here is the password for the exams (MOM and here in Canvas)


Assessment of Prior Learning
You have already completed Exam 1 Part 2 :The Data Collection Project

Below you’ll see Exam 1 Part 1. It is a MOM version of questions.

You may have two attempts. There are 11 questions. It is untimed. This counts for 100 of the 200 points for this exam. This is due by Thursday afternoon 10/7 @ 2:30.