Monday No school


Learning Targets:

We will watch this video together <link>

Then we will complete this activity <link>. Sign in with Google so you can earn these formative points.


In the ThinkDo Chapter 10 packet. If you are absent here is a PDF copy of <ThinkDo Chapter 10>

Read page 178 (from Interpreting Slope ) Try Now it is Your Turn #1 and #2. Spot checked on Wednesday @ the start of class.

13 days remaining in the marking period.

Running Start Registrations are due on Friday <link>


In Class


Making sure you understand what a LSRE means. We may look at this data <link> and this web page <link>

New material

Learning target: I can use the correlation coefficient, and summary statistics to calculate a LSRE.



Anything that you do not have finished that you have an extension on.


Learning target: I can determine the appropriateness of a linear regression model for use with a set of data using r2 and a residual plot.

Step 1: Finding r2 and interpreting what it means

Step 2: Creating a residual plot. You will want a copy of this file <link>

Graded work

HO and a post in Canvas>Modules>Week 7 Discussion forum

Friday Updated 10/14

In class:

We will look at a couple of other residual plots that show a LSRE is NOT the way to go.

Canvas>Week 7> MOM Oxbow Correlation Regression exercise set

I have a two part Quiz (each part 50 points Summative) in Canvas for you to complete. Due Thursday 10/20 by midnight.

I’ll allow¬† work days on Today/Monday/Tuesday 10/18 and 10/19. New material on Wednesday 10/20 with new assignments.