In Class

Learning targets: I can graph a rational function given its equation and I can write its equation from a graph.

Complete the two MOM assignments in Canvas>Modules>Week 10 ending 11/5

If you get this completed and want to get a jump on Wednesday’s Problem Set PS 1 Fall 2021 This is due at the start of class on Wednesday 11/10 Make sure to complete your work on other paper and space out your work so I can provide feedback if you need.


This is a short class due to early dismissal

Assigned Problem Set 1 See Monday/Tuesday.


In class:

Learning Target: I can find and evaluate the inverse of a function defined by a graph, equation, table and English.

Notes p 44-45

Complete the paper exercises 46-47 My answers

Optional : Complete the Canvas: MOM- Section 1.6  exercise set. Let me know if you wanted it counted.


This work

Problem Set 1


Learning Target: I can write the inverse of a radical function and the inverse of a rational function

Some notes and practice problems

I am looking at a two part exam on Chapter 3. There will be an online MC/Calculated answer component assigned next week and a second in- lass on demand component on Tuesday 11/16.