If you are remote also see the page Supplements Week 10 in Canvas

Learning target: We will be able to calculate probabilities associated for probabilities that are binomial experiments.

Review from Friday warm up (Binomial Probability Calculator <link>

Learning target: I can use the mean and the std dev of a symmetric binomial distribution to find unusual results.

A couple of examples

Graded work

In the Canvas> Week 10 discussion forum, post your work (along with screen shots of calculator work)  and answer(s) to one of the posted exercises. No repeats for credit.

This is a completion grade. Challenge yourself. (20 points due by Friday 11/05)

Complete the MOM ThinkDO Chapter 5 exercises Due Friday (11/24) afternoon @ 2:30


Workdays. Wednesday is a short class @ 11 am ish for 30 minutes.


You’ll find a quiz on Probability distributions in Canvas Week 10. Due Thursday 11/11

Learning target: I can find probabilities on the Standard Normal Distribution

We will watch this video <link>

then do some work on finding probabilities.

HW: If you do not have the MOM Chapter 5 work completed, I am pulling grades into IC @ 2:30