Because Thursday is the Veteran’s Day Assembly, and I do not think we are having class on Thursday, we are split the next chapter into two parts.


We will watch

Normal Curves <link>

Learning Targets: I can find probabilities associated with the Standard Normal Distribution and with a General Normal Curve.

Graded Work

Canvas>Modules>Week 11> about Discrete Probability distributions. This is due by Thursday @ 2:30 pm.

Canvas>Modules>Week 11> MOM Exercise set MOM ThinkDo Normal Curves (No Samples) This is also due at Thursday 2:30 pm.

Week 11 Discussion forum post. Your work and answers to one of the unstarred exercises from the packet (#1, 3, 4, 6 or 8) or you can reply with work and answer to one of the optional posts I have made available in the forum

Here are the answers to the starred exercises ThinkDo 6 Answers


Work days


If we are in class and you are finished, we’ll do a review.

You have a long weekend. If you are all caught up, no HW.