Get Chapter 3 work completed. The Canvas>Modules>Week 11> Chapter 3 exam is due by Tuesday night at Midnight.

If you are finished and want to get a jump on the problem set that will be due next Tuesday, get a paper copy from me.

Here is my answer key to PS 1. I also have this available in Canvas>Modules PS 1 Key


In Class



In Class

· Review of rewriting logarithmic expression to an exponential expression and vice versa

· Learning Target: Rewriting a logarithmic expression to an exponential expressions and rewriting an exponential equation to a log equation and applying the change of base formula to solve

· Graded Practice: MMM HO p 15-16 : 28 – 42 + 49-52 +p 17 53-58 <>


· Today’s work

See Monday


I am not here today

In Class:

You know enough now to start working on the Canvas>Week 12/13 ending 11/23> Chapter 4 (Part 1) MMM Equivalent Fall 2021 No log Properties

We will do a little bit more new stuff on Monday


· Today’s work

Canvas> MOM>Chapter 4> Chapter 4 (Part 1) MMM Equivalent Due Tuesday 11/23 at the end of class.


Monday 11/22

In Class

· Learning Target: Solving a logarithmic equation by rewriting it as an exponential equation perhaps by first rewriting the log expression by applying the properties.

· Graded Practice MMM HO p 16 43 – 48


· This week’s Work

Tuesday 11/23

In Class

Work Day

PS 2 is due at the start of class

No HW if you are caught up. Progress reports are being created next Friday 12/3