Monday 11/14

In class:

Learning target: I understand what a sampling distribution is and can apply the Central Limit Theorem to explain the behavior of sample means.

We will watch these three videos in class:

Then look at a couple of applets that demo this further. <link>

Anything that you do not have completed.

Tuesday 11/15

In Class

Learning Target: I can apply the Normal Approximation of the Binomial Distribution to sampling distributions of sample proportions p-hat

Some paper examples


This work if you are not finished.

Wednesday 11/16

In Class:

Learning Target: I can apply the Central Limit Theorem to the distribution of Sample Means

Some paper examples


This work

Thursday 11/17 –  Tuesday 11/22

In class

Work days

Complete on paper

MOM Normal Curve Review Sampling Distributions

Updated 11/20: Here is a video walkthrough of this MOM problem set . If you watch this out on Youtube, in the description of the video, you will see links to individual exercises.

Quiz in Canvas: Due 11/22

If you want to retest on Exam 2, either part, Complete the following exercises on paper. The answers to most of this work is available in Canvas>Modules>Course Resources



Show me the work.

If you want some help with them:

Vermont based students can access me during your advisory time or after school Tuesday – Thursday.

Students in Spain: Grab one of these time slots <link> These should be showing as your local time. Make sure your devices are on Central European Standard Time. If you want help with the new work (See Canvas) you can also get that help using that calendar link.