Exam Review: Describing Grouped Data

Review sheet. We will do this together

You’ll need this spreadsheet <link>

Other than this, you can have some time to work on the MOM Review assignments


Review of Chapter 4 Probability Exam Review Probability 12-7-2021

Working on Exam Review #2 or getting the quiz Normal Curves Part 2 completed by the due date Wednesday 12/8 @ midnight.


Review of Chapter 5 Discrete Probability distributions

More Exam Review # 2

The quiz is due this evening.


Review Normal Curve quiz

You asked for an extension so we will wait until next week

We’ll play the exam review Kahoot <link>

Need some sampling distribution review before you attempt the quiz? We can do a 4 question review in Canvas


Dr Joe Cascari from WMCC will be visiting our class.

We will play a round of Review Bingo

Looking ahead

I will give you some time to complete the mid year exam. We will not have class on Friday 12/17 due to Holiday Show