Monday No school for you


Learning Target: We will be able to write and use exponential and logarithmic models models.

Notes on page 61-64

Notebook work + MOM: Modeling with Exponential Functions

In case you missed the notes in class, here is a video

Optional Notebook pp 65 – 68. Here are my answers/work <link >

MOM: Modeling with Exponential Functions

If you get this all completed and you want to get ahead and better prepare for the end of Chapter 4 exam, Work on the Paper Practice test on pages See the link above for the answers.


Work days to get Section 4.5 and 4.6 completed.


For Friday’s class: Watch this video and take notes on that handout I gave out today


Learning Target: I can work with geometric sequences and series

We’ll use these examples¬† Geometric Sequences and Series to learn about this Learning Target.

For the rest of the class and due by classtime on Tuesday 1/25, complete the Geometric Sequences and Series MOM exercise set.