Questions about Chapter 4 Exam?

Learning Target: We will be able to estimate the area under a curve using three different Rectangle Area Approximations and Trapezoidal Approximations.

We’ll look at some of Mr Leckie’s examples

If you want to watch his video:


Start working on the Textbook Section 5.1

Problem Set 1 is due at the start of class on Monday 1/31


Work day to finish up Section 5.1

Same HW as yesterday


Learning Targets:

I can write a Definite Integral from a Reimann Sum

I can use FnInt on my calculator to evaluate a definite integral

Again, if you want a Mr Leckie video

Working on Section 5.2 in FDWK

Getting problem set 1 finished.


We’ll get you signed up for MathXL for Schools

Finish up the textbook work for section 5.2


Begin working on MathXLforschools Sec 5.1 and 5.2 assignment

Don’t forget abut the problem set.