In class: a 5 question pencil and paper test on part of Chapter 4

It will be like these questions on the review test (packet)

Q 2


and a log graph: write an equation

An exponential graph: write an equation

either a half life or a doubling time question


Get the online portion of exam 4 finished by next Friday. No work time in class to complete it.


In Class:

Learning target: We will be able to draw angles of rotation, identify: the quadrant the terminal ray is in, reference angles and reference triangles and find coterminal angles.

Notebook packet page 1 My answers <link>


This notebook page


In Class

Learning Target: We will be able to find angles and sides of special right triangles and angles and side lengths of reference triangles.

Notebook p 2 Here are my answers


This work

Watch that video for Monday


Snow Days

What I had planned is moved to next week.

Updated 2/3/2022