Monday/Tuesday no school

Wednesday 3/2

In Class

Learning Target: I can conduct an ANOVA test to see if there is any difference between the means of three or more populations.

We will watch these 3 videos and complete the anova notes In case you are absent that link will take you to the notes page. I’ll give you a paper copy if you are in class.


Learning Target: I know when to conduct a post hoc test and am able to interpret the results.

Paper Based exercises and using a calculator  to run these tests. <ANOVA Calculator>

Data and Story Library <link)> and here is a spreadsheet <link> with the data ready for you

Here is the data for ThinkDo page 209 <link> Reject Ho and run Post Hoc tests


and on the Statistic Resources page <link>

Monday 3/7

We will refresh our thinking about running one way ANOVA tests. I need to make sure that understand what a post-hoc test is for and what it does for us.

We’ll do some paper examples.

Tuesday – Friday 3/11

MOM ANOVA work + a Week 24 Discussion forum post.

Four work days.