Review grading for this course.

Learning target: I can verify that a function is continuous by evaluating limit expressions graphically and by direct substitution

Learning Target: I can identify different types of discontinuities


Graded Practice FDWK p 66: ex 38, p 68 :  ex 56 and 58(This is about left and right hand limits)

p 84 and 85 ex 1, 2,3, 7, 11-14, 19-24


Learning target: I can extend a function that has a removable discontinuity and write a piece-wise defined function

Optional: Review for quiz. Do odd numbered exercises either side, in the same sections as the ones I assigned.

Wednesday Updated 8-31

HW Check

Review for Quiz 1

Here is my key <Calculus-Practice Quiz 1 Review key>

You may only use what is in your notebook on the quiz tomoorw.

The quiz is over @ 12:18. You may come into the room before class to start early if you desire.

If you miss the quiz, stay after school Thursday PM to do it. Or you’ll have make it before school or after on Friday.


10 minute quiz. See course expectations about how this will work.

Learning target: I can find the slope of a function using only one point. (the instantaneous rate of change of a function)


Graded practice FDWK p 92 9 – 17 odd numbered exercises+ 18 (show work)


HW Check

Some more slope work

Planning ahead:

Tuesday: Review for Daily Quiz 2 on Wednesday

Wednesday: Daily Quiz 2 then Review for test 1

Thursday: More review and practice Test 1. No other work

Friday: Test 1