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Learning Targets:

In class exploration/activity

HW: There is a quiz in Canvas>Modules>Week 3 that you need to complete before next Monday’s class meeting. (50 points summative)


Using technology to meet yesterday’s learning targets. I’ll use the Arby’s Data <link>to demo

This webpage works well for this work<link>

Here is a copy of the spreadsheet I created as an example <link>

Graded Work:

Create a histogram, frequency table and include a cumulative frequency and a relative frequency column. This part is best completed using a spreadsheet.

See this page for data to use <link> No two people can use the same variable.

Submit this in Canvas>Week 3 Histogram assignment (25 points summative)


In class exploration (25 points formative)

No HW if you are caught up.


Learning Target: I can find a five number summary using percentiles.

HO and practice. (25 points formative)


If you have not completed the Canvas quiz, get it done.