Learning Target: I can find a five number summary using percentiles.

Learning Target: I can identify outliers using the 1.5 IQR outlier test. You’ll need a copy of this Sheet <link>


p 34: # 17 all parts


Learning Target: I  can calculate the mean, variance and standard deviation, by hand and using technology of a data set.

Graded: HO

Here is some data we can use: Mc D’s Nutrition Facts <link>


Canvas MOM Describing Distributions with numbers. You can do most of it now.


Learning Target: I can use z scores to check for outliers in a data set

Learning Target: I can determine which measure of center and spread to use based on the shape of the distribution.


Canvas MOM Describing Distributions with numbers. You can do all of it now.

My advice is that you also complete the Problem Set exercises in the Packet (The ones with a *) I handed out. Here are the answers TD Chapter 2 answers to selected exercises


Ryan Richard from WMCC will start class talking about Running Start, your Dual Enrollment option.

After that, a work day to finish the Paper and or  MOM assignments.

Also you are assigned this  Data-Collection-Project 1 F 22 .This is an outside of class assignment. It counts as a 100 point Summative assignment and is due on Wednesday 9/21 by class time. To help clear up some confusion about what I am asking you to do <link >

Monday we start new material, related to what we have done this week.


Work day