Note: My lunch period is getting switched to Lunch A, TA B. because  my lunch coincides with your TA, I can be available then so you can have your full lunch period. If a test day or quiz day comes and you want to start early, we can still allow you to start early. The 9th graders can be quiet, believe it or not.


Learning target: I can identify when a limit expression is just one of the two definitions of the derivative

Learning target: I can find a derivative using the power rule, the product rule and the quotient rule

examples in the notebook


FDWK p 124 ex 1, 3, 5, 15, 17, 23  Spot checked at the start of class

Test corrections? due by Wednesday 9/21 at 2:30. These can happen during your TA, before or after school. Monday and Thursday this week I am not available after school.


Same learning targets

Further examples


FDWK p 124 -125: 24, 26 (I’ll point you), 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 (I’ll point you), 32-36, 37, 38

Daily Quiz 3 on Wednesday on recognizing a limit that is a derivative, power, product and quotient rules.


Daily quiz 3 (10 minutes. You may come in and start early)

Learning target: When and where  does a  derivative of a continuous function fail to exist? What is local linearity?

Learning target: I can use nderiv calculator function (Bring your ti-grapher)

No HW (What?)


Ryan Richard from WMCC will start class talking about Running Start, your Dual Enrollment option.

More practice with the funky questions. Horizontal and vertical tangents finding tangents that go through a points




Learning target: I can apply derivatives to Velocity and other rates of change.

examples and practice

Planning ahead:

Monday some more practice

Tuesday Daily Quiz 4

the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday practice review for test 2

Thursday :test 2

Friday Derivatives of trig functions.